Tangled Ink Art

Tangled Ink Art

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tangle*A*Day calendar (Feb 4-Feb 15)

Some days things just flow right, and others not so much.  That's how it is with my calendar entries for this period.  I don't practice drawing these new tangles ahead of time before entering them in my calendar.  My calendar is for practice.  If you see a tangle you haven't tried, please go to the source for the directions because they are always a lot better than what you see in my calendar.  I really love the tangle A Bed of Roses by LeeAnn Denzer (Feb 5th), but I just couldn't get it to look as beautiful as she does it.  The closest I came was on Feb 13th on the bottom.  Check out her directions by clicking on the link.  I also messed up when trying out Lantern by Donna Blair (Feb. 8th).  and my circles are pretty wonky on Swirly Dot by Thomas Gallagher.  Both of those tangles are on www.tanglepatterns.com.  As I remind my students, it's not the outcome, but the process that matters, and I am having fun trying out all these new tangles! 

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