Tangled Ink Art

Tangled Ink Art

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tangle*A*Day Calendar 2013 (Jan 1-12)

I wrote an earlier post  about using my Tangle*A*Day calendar to try new tangles and I found that as I was going along practicing new tangles (ones that I have never used before) on each day, I really wanted to try them in a tangled piece.  So, change in plans for my calendar....now I will try new tangles for 9 days in a row, then on days 10-12 I will draw a string across all three days and try out the 9 new tangles I just practiced.  I really want to try and continue this through the end of the year, so to keep myself accountable I will post them to my blog every 12 days or so.  I found it interesting when I was doing the 3-day tangle that even though these were tangles I wouldn't have normally put together, it still worked.  I am really a creature of habit and love sticking to my comfort tangles, so this will be a good challenge for me to break out of that comfort and get on with the new.  I hope if you follow along, you will see and try some new (for you) tangles and give them a try too! 

P.S.  I couldn't resist throwing in a few Zingers too!